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Being a part of the chemicals business since 2001, we started dealing in Laboratory, small and semi-bulk chemicals as Sigma Chemicals, gained tremendous market awareness, and created great goodwill. In 2008, we founded Annexe Chem Private Limited to manufacture a wide range of fine chemicals in the grades as per customers’ requirements.

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    We Offer Qualitative Range Of Fine Chemicals

    A FDA-GMP Certified Manufacturing Facility

    We offer a qualitative range of fine chemicals. Along with manufacturing, we deal in packaging products using advanced technology to retain the formation of the product.

    Our wide range of quality products manufactured using state-of-art FDA-GMP facilities and available at competitive prices through a proper distribution network for timely delivery are our keys to success.

    The company director, Mr. Kalpesh Patel- with his industrial experience and rich technical updation knowledge, is a true leader. He has tremendous market awareness and is always alert to providing quality products according to the client’s requirements. His relationship with the employees, distributors and customers is a prime focus on transforming the company into a successful venture.








    Years Of Experience

    Products We Offered

    Our extensive range of products spans chemicals like Ammonium, Calcium, Potassium, Sodium, Zinc, etc. You can search online and buy our chemical compounds and full product range.

    Zinc Sulphate Chemicals

    Hydroxide Pellets Chemicals

    Sodium Citrate Chemicals

    Disodium Phosphate Dihydrate



    Trisodium Phosphate Anhydrous

    Sodium Dihydrogen Phosphate Dihydrate

    Why Choose Us

    Expertise: We are an industry leader in distributing industry-related news and updates. Through our information outlet, we connect with the stakeholders directly, linking to our publications.

    Products: Our product catalog consists of a wide variety of industries to fulfill their needs for chemicals. We constantly expand our product lines to afford long-term customers and build new business needs that we can service.

    Service: We are expert problem solvers strategically working to minimize issues in order processing. Our years of experience assure our customers of the best service possible.

    Industry We Served

    Food & Beverage






    Our Clients


    What Our Customers Say About Us


    Sandip Shah Partner (Global Metell Chemie)

    It was indeed very nice getting associated with a man of great substance & visionary par excellence like you. I am an eyewitness to your success story started as a small-time Laboratory Chemical supplier and reached to become an Industrialist. Your hardworking nature and perfection to the last digit have put you on the top of the table as far as the Fine Chemical industry is concerned.


    Paresh Mistry Works Manager (Mercury Laboratories Ltd.)

    First of all, I would like to express my happiness regarding the steady and confirmed progress of MR KALPESH PATEL, I know him for almost ten years. He has never kept in his mind results or in more commercial terms to make money. His dedication towards the organization's progress was to specify that has ultimately resulted in to achieved stage & banner for which he was determined. It is only by DETERMINED & DEDICATION TOWARD JOB, DUTIES. I wish him GREAT success. I wish him GREAT success.


    Rakesh Jain Founder (Growth with Happiness)

    I know Mr. Kalpesh Patel for the last 5 years. He is sincere, dedicated, and a very keen learner. I have worked with him where he acted as a teacher, mentor, and coach. One thing I liked most about him is to focus on delivering beyond expectation. He has always been a person who believed in "Going beyond possible" to create something of value for the customer. He says - This is just the beginning. The best is yet to come. I know for sure that with this powerful philosophy, Annexe is going to create many new milestones for the industry. I wish Kalpesh bhai all the very best.